The new site Cricket’s Circle is out to clear things up for new parents. And we get it; accurate baby registry help is hard to come by and it’s hard to figure out exactly what to include in yours. In fact, it can be one of the most confusing parts of being am expecting mom. If you don’t have a friend who’s tried these things out–or uh, read Cool Mom Picks with great frequency– it’s easy to end up with things you totally don’t need. And even if all your friends are experienced moms, they each probably have different ideas about what’s best which can make things even more confusing.


Cricket's Circle product page | Cool Mom Tech

What Cricket’s Circle does is recommend just three products in each of their 200+ categories of baby items—diapering, feeding, layette, nursery and so much more—which helps you stay focused. I mean, is it really necessary to browse through 14 different brands of nail clippers before you pick one?

Log on for a short quiz about your shopping preferences (organic? pricey?), then look at at what products other moms like you are loving. That’s how they narrow down the options to just the three items in each category. So you can make your list for everything you need without searching through every single baby product ever created.


Cricket's Circle registry checklist | Cool Mom Tech

One thing Cricket’s Circle is not, however, is an actual baby registry. More like the experienced big sister who’s taking you shopping to pick out what you want to put on your registry. Once you’ve made your shopping list, you can go to your favorite store to make your actual registry with a sense of confidence. Hopefully one that will carry over into your first weeks and months as a new mom. 

Whether you’re a new mom making a baby registry for the first time or an experienced mother who just wants to share her favorite products with  friends, set up your list at Cricket’s Circle.