I tried on a lot of headphones at International CES this year. A lot. And by far the ones that have stayed on my mind and at the top of my covet list me are the new Fanny Wang metal on-ear headphones which are designed with women in mind.

Not only are they gorgeous, they are ridiculously comfortable. The metal is super lightweight so you don’t feel like your head is in a vice grip. And the padding presses against your ear instead of covering it completely like a traditional headphone, so it’s a great fit whatever size your ears. Plus it’s made for travel, with the headphones twisting flat and the entire unit collapsing compactly.

They are definitely priced for serious audiophiles at $229, but they’re comparable to Beats by Dr. Dre and a little less unwieldy. Funny enough, the rep at the show seemed surprise that parents would be interested in a really high-quality pair of headphones. Clearly he’s never tried to watch Game of Thrones with a six-year-old in the next room.

Pre-order the Fanny Wang metal on-ear headphones now on their site, for an expected spring ship date. 

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