As much as we joke about permanent Lego block indents in the soles our feet, we’re all big Lego fans around here. And with the success of The Lego Movie, here comes the merchandising! Not that I’m complaining. I would totally love a Wyldstyle Lego Minifigure Alarm Clock to wake me up in the morning. Or uh, my daughters would. Which is why I just added her to my cart as I was writing this.

(She’s a bit less expensive at our affiliate Amazon, though you can find her through the Lego Store too.)

If she’s not threatening enough to motivate you before coffee, you might be better off with the Bad Cop Lego Minifigure Alarm Clock. I’m not sure how he’ll react when you hit snooze, though. And of course there’s always good old, reliable Emmet who I know wouldn’t dare forget to to go off at the exact set time.

Lego Movie Minifigures - Bad Cop Alarm Clock | Cool Mom Tech

By the way, the actual name of the Wyldstyle clock is the Wyldstyle/Lucy Alarm Clock, but my kids tell me that’s a spoiler and I shouldn’t mention it.

Find the Lego Movie Minifigures Alarm Clocks online at our affiliate Amazon, or your local independent toy store.