Ever walk into a friend’s finely decorated home and think: Yeah, I’m not leaving this place. Nope. Moving. In. Or, if you’re not working the stowaway angle, you basically press them for intel on how you, too, can get skilled at creating inviting, gorgeous, impossibly stylish living spaces?  Well, thanks to the brand new interior design site nousDECOR, which hopes to be a major new home decor destination,  you can ease up on hounding your friends for furnishing tips and start cultivating some of your own.

The new site offers soup-to-nuts solutions for nearly all of your interior design demands. First (as is required of any home site worth its weight in throw pillows), there are beautiful images of rooms styled and staged  by the pros to inspire you. But the great thing about nousDECOR is, it goes way beyond pretty pictures with free help from experts and shopping shortcuts.

nousDECOR interior design site: How It Works | Cool Mom Tech\nousDECOR interior design site: living room inspiration | Cool Mom Tech

The goal here is to help you translate these ideas and images into reality. I think you’ll find nousDECOR isn’t wasting any time getting you there.

The cool, “intelligent” search tools of the site allow you to look for decor pieces by color, category or even dimension. So that oddly-shaped nook off the playroom? Now you can find the perfect toy chest or lamp to fit in there all cute and cozy.

You can also search across multiple retailers, including Etsy and eBay, and buy products directly without having to open a new page on your browser or hit a search engine.

Another fun thing is that you can create moodboards to build a room or space, using uploaded pictures of items you already own, or images from anywhere on the web. Then by marking it  as “seeking help,” you can even get free advice on your moodboard from a team of decorating pros led by celebrity designer Mark Cutler. Other members of the nourDECOR community can weigh in, too.

I think the truly clutch part of nousDECOR is the “Same Look Different Price” tool.  Say you really like the whole look of a room, but the overall budget (clearly shown in the top right corner) is way high. Not a problem. Click on the tool and you can source out alternatives and get product recos at different price points.

Sticker shock no longer.

nousDECOR interior design site: nursery ideas | Cool Mom Tech

nousDECOR interior design site: same look, different price

The site just launched this week, and as it continues to roll out, users can expect to see even more original content like educational blog posts and videos, plus an uptick in nousDECOR’s community interaction — which will be a critical component to the success of the site. Which means, get on there and interact.

So far, I’m impressed with the site and will definitely be back soon. After all, Mama needs a new master bathroom soon.