From Artoo to Voltron, Johnny Five to Johnny Cab, and BMO to Wall-E, this robot poster basically a Most Wanted poster for all your favorite sci-fi cyborgs, computers, and holograms. Except the reason they’re wanted is because they’re so adorable.

Illustrator Scott Parks has lovingly captured sixty-six of the most celebrated synthetic characters in vibrant, mod form, and you can buy his Synthespians poster as a framed or unframed poster, or get fancy with stretched canvas. Prices start at $17 for a mini poster and top out at $150 for a large stretched canvas, with tons of options in between to fit all budgets.

I really love how Six from Battlestar Galactica is balanced out by Robocop, Rosie from The Jetsons, and Robby the Robot from Lost in Space, each in a corner. Just goes to show you how very diverse and magical our synthetic friends can be. But of course, my family’s favorite would be Optimus Prime. Because, Optimus Prime.

Find the Synthespians Robot poster by Scott Park at Society 6.