The portable Bluetooth speaker market might be a crowded one, but I found a new one that not only packs a lot of punch into a small package, but does so with a bargain basement price.

Playing around with the Anker MP141 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, I loved the sleek design and the long playing time — up to 20 hours per charge — all packed into a tiny 3-inch cube that you could easily stash in any bag or backpack. It also features a built in microphone, so it would double as a great speakerphone for conference calls when you are traveling for work.

Portable bluetooth speaker: Anker MP141 Speaker review | Cool Mom Tech

Now while the sound quality is pretty solid, at this size and price point it’s not going to come close to the quality other high priced, bigger bluetooth speakers. But, it does have similar features of some of the more expensive models, like great wireless range (up to 45 feet) and auto-connect, making it perfect for tweens, teens, or even an extra audio source for your own office or kitchen that you can grab without breaking your bank.

The Anker MP141 portable bluetooth speaker is available at our affiliate currently for $39.99, though we’ve seen it go down as low as $29.99. Thanks to Anker for letting Cool Mom Tech check one out.