You know how for kids, the most popular house for playdates is the one with the best snacks or the most video games? Well for adults, I’m starting to feel like my home is becoming a gathering spot because of my Sonos audio system.  And now, with the much awaited Sonos Play 1, which we recommended this year as one of the best audio gifts for an audiophile, it’s even easier to get in on the Sonos audio awesomeness.

Until now, I’ve basically had a series of Play 3 speakers, all wirelessly connected through the Bridge router, plus the sweet Sub subwoofer that is probably the only subwoofer you could call “pretty.”

(Guys, you don’t have to call it pretty. You can call it rad or smokin’ or whatever dudes prefer to say. No judgements.)

But the Play 1 is just perfect for my bedroom where I wanted something a little nicer looking, 360, and with less of a footprint.

Sonos Audio Line | Cool Mom Tech

Left to right: Sonos Sub, Play:3, Play:5, Play:1, Bridge, Sonos Playbar in front


What I love about Sonos in general is that it’s easy to set up (no drilling through my walls, thanks), easy to control, is very affordable for the amazing sound quality, and it looks fantastic. Because  yes, I do care about having nice-looking speakers in my home and not some humongo 80’s-era stacks on either side of my TV. Best of all, Sonos plays every song available through any streaming audio service or playlist that you’ve got.

What makes it different from everything else is that this is not a Bluetooth speaker system.It works on its own network paired with your phone, tablet or phone, so if the phone rings, your music won’t suddenly stop playing.

If all that sounds appealing, you’ll like the entry price point of the Sonos Play 1–just $199 with the Bridge included for free.

Considering the Play 3 starts at $299 and the Play 5 at $399, that’s a big difference if you’re looking to pair two speakers for stereo sound, or create a larger audio network. Not that the Play 5 isn’t totally worth every penny–and on my wish list for “one day.” But the Play:1 is no slouch on performance, with two speakers, two digital amps, a tweeter and a midwoofer all in that little package.

Sonos Play:1 Speaker | Cool Mom Tech

The set-up is so easy, it’s dreamy. I just plugged it in, opened the Sonos app on my phone (Android or iOS), clicked the buttons on the top and…done. In 60 seconds–no kidding–I had music playing from my nice new bedroom wireless speaker. If it’s your first Sonos speaker, you do the same, only connect it to the Bridge first with the enclosed ethernet cable, which connects to your router. Then, you’re ready to play DJ from your PC using desktop controls, or pass around your phone or tablet to your guests and let them do it.

Trust me, they’ll want to.  A lot. If you’re entertaining, good luck getting your phone back for the rest of the evening.

Find the Sonos Play 1 and other Sonos audio components through their website or at Still time to order for Christmas!