As someone who has kept diaries and notebooks since I was a kid, I am completely enthralled with Mod Notebooks, a new service and app that helps you digitize handwritten notes when you use their special journals.

All you need is a Mod Notebooks journal, which looks and functions like your typical Moleskine except that it opens flat (love!) and has special extra thick paper. Once you fill your notebook, whether it takes you a couple of days, the course of a vacation, or many years, you send it to them in a prepaid shipping envelope at which point they scan and digitize the entire thing, then send the book back to you or recycle it.

It’s certainly not as high tech as the Evernote Smart Notebooks from Moleskine, but the service is a time saver.  I mean let’s face it, I could scan all the pages of my notebook on my own pretty easily. However the real benefit is the companion app that syncs your digitized content to Dropbox, Evernote or OneNote.

Mod Notebooks app | Cool Mom Tech

The whole package  $25 including the notebook itself, plus the shipping and service. It’s important to point out that because you have to wait for the whole thing to be filled in, this isn’t for people who want to just digitize their-day-to-day notes. But for serious note-takers, journalists, poets, novelists, doodlers, and the inventors of the world–to say nothing of our kids whose every precious scribble is impossible to toss– it’s definitely a great alternative to typing handwritten over to your computer. Or worse, tossing your book into another box in your closet and leaving all those gems buried somewhere.

You can purchase Mod Notebooks service to digitize handwritten notes for $25 including the service and app. 

[ht  cool hunting]