One of the best Christmas gifts I ever received was this slim portable radio and cassette player. It wasn’t quite official, heavy-duty “boom box” level, but  it was red, super-cute and had — ahem — a double tape deck. You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t stylin’ with that thing. I took my baby boom everywhere (which, as an 11-year-old, basically meant around the house) pumpin’ my jams. Why, hello, Duran Duran and Jodi Watley, have you met The Bangles and Billy Idol yet?

Now, thanks to Divoom’s new Voombox-Travel portable wireless speaker, it’s like I’m in grade school all over again, rocking out, dancing on the ceiling — or just in the backyard. The portable, wireless speaker streams audio from any Bluetooth-equipped device. So working at my desk this morning? Yeah, that got upgraded to a Beyoncé dance party (#serfbort).

The quality of the bass coming from this palm-sized number is seriously impressive, especially for the pricetag. When the speaker is lying flat against my wood desk, everything from my jumbo water tumbler to my pens cup rattles. I actually had to drop the volume a little.

Another cool thing about the Voombox-Travel is its durable design. It’s splash resistant and can hang with the rugged crew outdoors, while the metal carabiner lets you clip it to a backpack or your jeans. There’s also a built-in microphone, great for hands-free calls. And the rechargeable lithium battery promises six hours of nonstop musical goodness. When that juice runs out, just plug in the USB charging cable to re-up.

Now that spring has finally decided to show up, our backyard just became the hottest hang in town. Hurry up. Get your name on the list, yo. The bouncer can be a bit of a jerk.

The Voombox-Travel portable wireless speaker is available in three colors at Divoom for $50.

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