Okay so yes, we’re obsessed with retro phone cases. Images of VCR tapes, vintage telephones and old library cards are adorning our phones, making us certain that there’s a collective yearning for simpler times. Even as we would shrivel and die without our iPhones within arm’s reach at any given moment. Let’s be honest.

Now there are some more fun options thanks to Kate Spade’s retro iPhone cases. They’re made of sturdy resin, so they’re no Otterbox, but can handle gentle dings and bonks fairly well. I think they’d be really cool Mother’s Day gift for an iPhone 5/5S toting mama–says this iPhone 5S toting mama.


Kate Spade vintage camera iPhone case | Cool Mom Tech


I really dig the vintage odometer case, as well as the Italian flashcard vintage rotary phone iPhone case which comes with the appropriate level of irony totally gratis. But I think it’s the retro camera iPhone cases that has my name on it. The camera plus Italian translation is more than campy good fun; it’s also kind of handy considering it serves as fair warning to my children that I may be shooting them at any time. Isn’t that another thing we’re all doing these days?

Check out the collection of  Kate Spade iPhone cases at Nordstrom. CMP is an rstyle affiliate.

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