The Sesame Workshop just always gets it right, striking a wonderful balance between education and entertainment while keeping it family-friendly. So I’ve been eager to check out Sesame Street S’More, the new interactive digital magazine Sesame Street app for iPad that just launched — a first for Sesame Workshop.

Let me cut to the chase: This preschooler app is loads of fun. Each bi-monthly issue features read-aloud narrated stories, matching games, puzzles, mazes, and other enjoyable activities and lessons to tap and click through, starring favorite characters like Elmo, Big Bird, The Count, and Bert and Ernie. (But bring back Don Music, please?) Your toddlers will find the whole thing a delight. They can also earn badges by completing certain exercises in each issue, like getting to the end of the matching game. And when have badges been a bad thing? Exactly — never. There’s even page in this debut issue that allows your children can record their voices in different languages.


Sesame Street S'More digital magazine for preschoolers - screenshot

The first digital issue’s theme is Love and Friendship, and it is brought to you by the letter V and the number 1. It just wouldn’t be Sesame Street if we didn’t have the trusty letter-number sponsors, right?

Download  the Sesame Street app Sesame Street S’More  digital magazine exclusively on iTunes Newsstand. The digital magazine is optimized for iPad. Single issues are $3.99 each as an in-app purchase, or subscribe with a limited time discount for an annual subscription.