So much of social media relies on storytelling. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, even YouTube and Vine — they are all platforms for sharing our stories with each other. Pubsoft¬†recognized this need we have to capture and share our memories, and launched a fun family storytelling app called¬†stories etc.

Storytelling is a true art. From a young age, my father, ¬†always ready with a great¬†back-in-the-day¬†tale, ¬†gave me a firm appreciation for storytelling, which no doubt lit the match on the writer’s fire that I continue to fan and dance around today. It’s also why I’m so compelled by this free iPhone app which turns sweet family moments–say, baby Talulah¬†tasting a lemon for the first time–¬†into rich, digital e-memoirs layered with video, audio, images, and text.

You’re essentially self-publishing a little e-book: Sweet T and the Sour Lemon.¬†Fun, right? (Well, maybe not so much for Talulah right then.)


Sign in or register through your Facebook account, hit the ¬†Tell a story button, then select a from video, voice or text. Now you’re ready to spin a good yarn at your own pace. If you don’t already have a did I ever tell you about the time…tale on hand, stories etc has a “10 for 10” section with question prompts on everything from hobbies and childhood memories to philosophies and ¬†world events to help you get your narrator flow going. Essentially, you could end up with a brilliant baby book shortcut, all through your iPhone.

I find the whole process very user friendly and easy to move through. Once you’ve finished the story, give it a title or caption and add a thumbnail — grab a photo from the web, choose an existing one from ¬†iPhone camera roll, or take one right now and use it. And after saving the story, sharing it via email or iMessage or Facebook is a snap. So now baby Talulah and family can rest easy knowing that her intro to sour lemons will live on well into her college years.

Download the¬†stories etc app¬†for free at the iTunes store. It’s compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.¬†

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