While I wouldn’t necessarily call my beloved Jawbone UP24 fashionable, it definitely is more so now thanks to these new ribbon wristbands from Griffin–a very cool innovation in the world of wearable tech and something we expect to see a lot more of soon.

Available in sets of two in a few different colors, they look like the trendy ribbon hair ties that we’ve featured on Cool Mom Picks, but they’re specially designed to camouflage fitness trackers like the Jawbone, FitBit, and Sony SmartBand. It’s a brilliant idea — so brilliant I’m kind of surprised it took this long.

Ribbon wristbands for fitness trackers from Griffin | Cool Mom Tech

I would like if there were some other colors, but it’s a great start. And thanks to my pretty new silver ribbon, now I can leave my Jawbone on when I go out to dinner. Gotta make every step count.

Find ribbon wristbands for fitness trackers at Griffin; $19.99 for a set of two