When the number of hands and fingers touching my phone on a daily basis, it’s a wonder I can actually see the screen at the end of the day. Which is why I’m digging a new product called Gwee Button that makes cleaning mobile devices¬†possible any time a new smudge appears.

Just¬†stick the Gwee Button (yes, odd name¬†admittedly) on the¬†back of your phone, tablet, PC or any other gadget. The holder is secure on your phone and inside is a little magnetized, cushion-y, anti-microbial pad that you can pull out at any time to give a quick swipe over your phone. Sure it¬†adds a little bulk to your phone, but it’s relatively¬†unassuming. Or¬†the minimalists out there who don’t want to stick anything permanent to your¬†phone or case, you can always attach it to your desk or have it handy¬†by your charging station.

The magnet is strong so you get that satisfying click when you put the button back in its holder and know it won’t fall out.¬†I also appreciate when not saving the germaphobes of the world from abject terror, it¬†also serves¬†as a handy stand for the iPhone when¬†you kick out the little tab.

Gwee Button¬†gadget and mobile phone cleaner is available in a variety of colors for $8.97 from the Gwee website. The dragon nails freak us out a little, but¬†fortunately they don’t come with the product.

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