I still can’t believe how small and smart¬†Kii¬†is, a compact charger that fits right on your keychain. Hence the name. Get it?

Now we’ve loved Bluelounge ever since we featured their¬†CableBox¬†awhile back,¬†and their new Kii falls right in line. It’s lightweight and lets you plug in to juice up or sync your devices straight from your laptop — no jumbled up charging cords or cable connectors needed.¬†Hello, free space.¬†The tote bag hasn’t seen¬†you¬†in a good while.

Kii compact charger | Cool Mom Tech

Kii is dual-sided: one end is either Micro-USB or Apple connector, the other is USB, to plug directly into your laptop, though it’s not recommended for desktops. And the¬†self-locking system ensures that it doesn’t slip off your keychain and protects the Apple charging end. Plus, it’s teeny-tiny and blends right into everything else on your keychain. Cute and convenient.

The Kii is available now on Bluelounge, and prices start at $19.95.

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