Kickstarter at MoMA¬†brings together two of our favorite things — awesome Kickstarter-fueled innovations and the MoMA Design Store. They’ve gathered a collection of successful Kickstarter products in honor of NYCxDESIGN, and it’s a cool celebration of creative, ingenious design. And lots of cool tech.

The collection includes toys, decor, and those¬†gadgets we love. You’ll find the Toymail Mailmen that we lauded¬†last year (and now own and love) that let you send cute audio texts to your kids when you’re away from home. ¬†There’s a¬†JIX Construction Kit that uses drinking straws to create cool geometric shapes. The Lumio Book Lamp is made from laser-cut wood and Tyvek, and it’s just as gorgeous lying closed on an end table as it is opened 180-degrees and illuminated. And one of my favorites, the¬†Powerslayer phone charger is super smart–it’s an energy-conscious charger that stops powering your device¬†when it senses it’s¬†fully charged.

JIX Construction Kit on Kickstarter at MoMA | Cool Mom Tech

Lumio Book Lamp on Kickstarter at MoMA | Cool Mom Tech

Powerslayer Phone Charger on Kickstarter at MoMA | Cool Mom Tech

I could go on and on with all the amazing goodies gathered here by their eagle-eyed curators, but I’d rather start shopping instead. This collaboration is getting a lot of attention though, so MoMA warns that the site may load slowly or not at all, as I’ve found myself. Be patient; great design comes to those who wait (and occasionally hit F5).

Check out all the cool Kickstarter-funded products for sale on Kickstarter at MoMA

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