I guess I’m hanging out with some pretty cool moms because they’ve all¬†got some stylish smart phone cases. Problem is, they’ve all got pretty much the same ones. (Hello, well-known designers!) So when I decided to switch up my current bold iPhone case with something pretty and more subdued, I took a stroll through Etsy and discovered Another Case.

I was really drawn to the cool patterns and subtle colors of these cases–for both iPhone and Android, by the way– that feel so¬†perfect for spring. ¬†On-trend without being overdone. Plus they’re¬†priced so that I can pick up a couple and switch them up if I want.

And yes, if you’re into geometric¬†and funky, they’ve got that too.


Stylish smart phone cases for spring | Cool Mom Tech

Stylish smart phone cases | Cool Mom Tech

The smart¬†phone cases are made from recycled plastic all the way in Slovenia, so do expect a bit of a wait time for yours to arrival. But hey, with a 100% money back guarantee, you’ve pretty much got nothing to lose and lots of style points (and compliments) to gain.

You can purchase these (and lots more) stylish smart phone cases at Another Case on Etsy. 


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