I’ve come across my fair share of cool travel apps, many of which we’ve covered on Cool Mom Tech, but once in a while I come across one that makes me scratch my head in amazement and think, wait, how is that possible, like the Tunnel Vision app.

So get this: When held up against any map of the NYC Subway System (physical or digital), Tunnel Vision will automatically pull train data, turnstile activity, even census data for any particular area on the map. Whaaat? Seriously.


Tunnel vision app | Cool Mom Tech

It works using augmented reality technology and by recognizing the station names, it pulls real-time data from the MTA and then little moving dots will show you  which trains are moving, where turnstile activity is heavy (Oh surprise, Grand Central!) and even how many people are on any given subway station at any given time. No surprise, the 4/5/6 does not look too fun at rush hour.

If you’re like me and don’t live in NYC, it’s great for visits. Or, you can still get your kicks from watching this video of Tunnel Vision in action and seeing the little dots moving across the screen to indicate train movement as it’s happening. I bet your kids will like it too. Now we can scratch our heads in amazement together.

Tunnel Vision is available for free in iTunes.