Remember back when Ataris, station wagons, telephones, and all machines of power and taste included sexy strips of wood? We’ve covered (heh) wood veneers for iPads and other gadgets, and now we’ve got just the bling for your gaming console. Though it’s not blingy at all.

It’s wood German design company Balolo offers custom, laser-cut wood covers for gaming consoles including XBOX ONE and Playstation 4, along with matching wooden covers for your Playstation controller. You get to choose from bamboo, cherry, walnut, and zebra veneers; and for the XBOX, decide whether you want to cover the power supply too. For the Playstation, you can even order the console along with the cover, just to make sure it’s all applied flawlessly or you can stick it on yourself. From then on, your gaming console will be cooler than Fonzie. Or, since Balolo is German, Hasselhoff.

Wood cover for Xbox One console from Balolo | Cool Mom tech This is a very cool Father’s Day gift for a gamer–at least for those of you who can’t bear to have those big black boxes cluttering up your living space. It is all pretty sophisticated looking judging from the photos.

However my only reservation, besides the price? Maybe the site shouldn’t refer to me as “some kind of nerdish-gaming-child” while urging me to shell out 149 Euros to stick wood on some of the most advanced technology in the world. We nerds are kind of touchyabout that sort of thing.

Customize your own wood veneers for XBOX ONE or Playstation 4 at the Balolo site. Shipping is free worldwide. [via design milk]