When I saw the Baby Brezza Formula Pro on Cool Mom Picks awhile back, I wished that the Keurig-like formula maker had been around when my littles were still hitting the bottle. And clearly so do thousands of you! Well, now it’s available in two limited-edition colors, making it both practical and pretty for new parents.

Hey, that matters.

If you’re not familiar with the Baby Brezza Formula Pro, it really makes mixing and heating bottles to the perfect temperature a cinch with just a push of a button. No scooping, stirring, or shaking. (I know, bummer, right?)  And while the white was definitely cool, I’m digging the new aqua blue and bright red, both of which will be available for a limited time only.

Is the Baby Brezza a necessity? No. And we tend to be skeptical of pricey gadgets that prey on the “I need everything!” brains of new moms. But this happens to be a terrific product, and if this is how you’re feeding your baby, I’d definitely give it a hard look. (Baby shower gift splurge, perhaps?) Our readers and our own writers have assured us it saves a lot of time, energy, and messes. And as we all know with kids, there will be plenty of those to take care of. for the rest of your lives.

You can purchase the new Limited Edition Baby Brezza Formula Pro on their website. They each cost $30 more than the original white Baby Brezza.