We obviously have a thing for geeky baby gifts around here, probably because we have a growing number of friends who are proud to let their geek flags fly. And now we’ve found an adorable baby gift for gamers that we can add to the list: This awesome onesie spotted at Uncommon Goods.

Emblazoned with the line Player 3 has entered the game, it’s the perfect way to show off your latest addition. And the reason you’ll soon have things coming out of your mouth that you never ever thought you’d hear yourself say. Things like, “Ew, why is there drool all over the L3 stick?” And eventually, “Sweetie, can you just let your dad win at Mario Kart 19 once? It would make him so happy.”

Find the Player 3 has entered the game baby onesie online at Uncommon Goods. It’s pretty low maintenance, just like your baby will be. Ha.

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