Once I started discovering colorful cables for my iPhone and iPad, it’s been kind of hard to go back to white. Plus, the have the added bonus of keeping my kids off of them. (Hey! That pink one is mine, missy…what’s it doing in your room?) So in looking for awesome colored cables, how happy was I to discover that very thing. It’s even called The Awesome Cable.

The first thing you notice about it is wow, it’s thick. Which means fewer tangles. Also, it’s long, and my life has changed since opening my home to 6-foot cables instead of the measly 3-foot long $19 Apple USB to lightning cable which gets–wait for it–a paltry one-star rating. I am familiar with the perils of exposed wires around the prongs after not too much time, or cables that simply stop working. (Argh.) So I, personally, would like no more of that.

Can’t speak for you, of course.

Colorful iPhone cables that are better than Apple's

If we’re in the same boat, however, The Awesome Cable costs $15 and actually is certified by Apple, meaning you won’t get the “device may not be supported” error message as with non-MFI accessories. And best of all–aside from the four colors–it’s got a lifetime warranty.

A lifetime!

Definitely longer than you’ll have that iDevice. Haven’t you heard rumors about the iPhone 6?

Find  The Awesome Cable lightning to USB connector on the website for $15. Just a note: the company also sent a generic braided cable for consideration and cool though it looks, there are definite durability issues which keep me from recommending it.