Since I’m (almost) ready to trade in my beloved childhood kitchen table (what, it’s vintage now!) which is being used as a totally inappropriate home office desk I’ve been looking around.  And when I saw the gorgeous wooden desks from the Artifox, I instantly thought, yes! Oh please, yes.

I love mid-century, but they didn’t exactly incorporate things like iPad wells and holes drilled for computer cords back then, and these two desks, in either a blonde maple or a handsome walnut seem to straddle both worlds. It’s got a well for your tablet and phone complete with holes for the cords; a handy slot on back that can accommodate full power strips; and then thoughtfully designed low-tech additions like a hook for a handbag or pair of headphones. There’s also a handy dry-erase board along one side–you can specify which–but  I stick with the top of it, or worry about ink on my elbows every day.

Tablet and mobile phone wells built into the Artifox tech desks

Whiteboard built into Artifox desktop | Cool Mom Tech

Headphone or bag hook - Artifox tech desks

Power strip well behind Artifox tech desks | Cool Mom Tech

Handmade walnut tech desk from The Artifox

Another appealing point for me that it’s all solid hardwood (no particle board, thanks) sourced and cut by traditional Amish craftsmen, and all built in the USA.

At 54″ long, the profile is perfect for a reasonably sized home office space. Or nook. Or corner of your bedroom as the case may be, ahem.

Find the tech desks from The Artifox in maple or walnut on their site. It arrives ready for assembly.

[h/t uncrate]