We all have our rational list of features that make for ideal laptop messenger bags but can I get real for just a second? We know why some of our menfolk pick their bags – it’s for the way they look when slung nonchalantly over their shoulders. Then there’s the new Moleskine myCloud Messenger Bag–yes, from that Moleskine–which combines smart features and great looks into one amazing bag. And amazing Father’s Day gift idea.

– You may be able to win one of your very own! See details below – 

New laptop messenger bags from Moleskine - great Father's Day gift idea

A friend of mine owns one and I was instantly impressed. The tone-on-tone dark greys say “totally pro” but with materials that look like the stuff Batman makes his suits out of. An adjustable shoulder strap keeps the bag close to the vest whatever your height or, if this is for a traveler, use the webbing on the outside to attach it to a roller bag. Plus it’s more than spacious with two main compartments for a 15″ laptop, and lots of smaller pockets for everything else including your Moleskine notebook of course.

(Also, maybe a small pet with expert bladder control, my friend suggests. He’s very sarcastic.)

And how do I feel about the Moleskine logo on the outer flap? Well, we normally avoid that sort of thing but it’s discreet and hey, Moleskine is a cool brand.

Dads will definitely dig the superhero good looks and technologically advanced construction, but it’s cool enough that I might just give it a (nonchalant) sling myself.

You can purchase the Moleskine myCloud Messenger Bag on the Moleskine website where you’ll find other cool sizes and styles of bags.

EXTRA COOL: If you want to win this very bag, we like it so much we’ve included it in our huge 2014 Father’s Day Gift Guide giveaway on Cool Mom Picks. Check out the post series for details on entering. It’s easy!