I’ve been having the best time browsing for Father’s Day gifts on the site Hatch.co lately.  (Also uh, self-proclaimed Mother’s Day gifts, in which every day is Mother’s Day but that’s another story.) But if we’re to think of the dads–oh, think of the dads!–then I’m really enjoying the mini-Fab shop, which includes a nice selection goodies including plenty of  rugged, manly man  personalized wooden iPhone cases.

Lions and tigers and sugar skulls, oh my. Or hey, just provide your own and the artist can work with you, should the very cool sailor swallow not be dad’s thing. (Though it should be.)


Personalized wooden iPhone cases by mini-Fab - Bear Design

Personalized wooden iPhone cases - sugar skulls at mini-Fab

There are 7 wood veneers to choose from, from Mahogany and Bamboo, to Pauduk and Purpleheart which sounds totally manly on its own. And if an iPhone 4, 4S or 5S isn’t dad’s phone of choice, there are also personalized wooden flash drives for those with a fondness for retro Nintendo 8-bit gaming.

Personalized wooden flash drives - Nintendo 8-bit designs

Why am I not surprised that they’re all totally handmade in Texas? Don’t mess with Texas when it comes to cool tech gifts.

Find personalized wooden iPhone cases from mini-Fab on  the handmade gift site, Hatch.co.