It’s sleek, lightweight and packing some serious power. Plus, it’s been personalized just for me with a photo I took of my favorite tulips. I’m talking about the¬†PowerSound II, a brand new¬†Bluetooth speaker and portable charger in one.

There’s plenty to like about this little guy, and it all starts with performance. I tested out the PowerSound II with my patented (ahem) Home Office Solo Dance Party playlist, which includes a mix of hard-driving beats and several serious bass drops. Oh, and some Beyonc√© on the side, as one does. The sound was so clean and strong, it was like having a full-on stereo stuffed into a neat, streamlined package.

PowerSource II | Cool Mom Tech
In fact, the sound quality was so good, I had to take the decibels down a bit as the ever-“so fancaaay” ¬†I-G-G-Y was making my wood desk rumble. And this is where my only “con” regarding the PowerSound II comes in: no volume control on the device. All the control rests back on your smartphone or tablet. Not uncommon with many wireless speakers on the market now, but being able to lower the noise level straight from the speaker would have been a nice touch.

However¬†PowerStick, the Canadian tech startup behind the cool portable speaker and mobile charger, still scores high points with me for striving to make high-grade products completely in-house — nothing done overseas. Definitely something I can appreciate, and that’s not just my Canuck pride talking.

There are other plusses here, too, like being able to charge all your portable, USB devices on the speaker’s large battery using your devices’ own cables own. In fact, the serious high-capacity battery¬†lets you charge more than one thing at a time.

There’s even a nifty battery meter on the side that let’s you keep an eye on your battery levels, so your phone won’t crap out on you mid-song.

Another good thing is the ability to¬†boost the native speakers already on¬†your iPhone or Android device,¬†no wires or Bluetooth pairing needed. Just line up the¬†speaker on your phone with the left hand side of the PowerSound and the Near Field Technology (sounds fancy, I know)¬†will kick in. It’s called direct-play through induction.

Or, in regular-speak: Your phone’s audio is instantly amplified. Pretty cool, right?

For an additional $10, you can even customize the flat platform area of the speaker with your favorite Instagram shot, a logo, a sweet vacation pic of the fam, or a shot of some tulips like mine that just make my¬†day brighter. ¬†Seriously, doesn’t the PowerSound II have Father’s Day gift, cottage weekend, beach day, and Just Because I’m Rad treat written all over it? Yes, all of those things, all over it.

The PowerSound II is available now at PowerStick¬†for $99. You can customize your own image on it (dad and the kids perhaps?) and if you can wait a bit, get free personalization with code “FATHER”

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