Well if there was any doubt that wearable tech was blowing up–and getting prettier–you only have to look at these pages where it seems that there’s something new and cool coming out nearly every day now. Recently, it was the beautiful Misfit Shine activity tracker, and today it’s Ringly Smart Jewelry.

These cocktail rings are designed to ping you about the most important emails, texts, calendar appointments, social media notifications, and calls (if anyone does that anymore) through a vibration on the ring. That is, a beautiful, 18k matte gold cocktail ring with one of four stones I would totally wear if it were analog.

Is there such a thing as an analog ring?


Ringly wearable tech jewelry + app | Cool Mom Tech


You customize the  free companion app (iOS and Android, yay!) which connects via Bluetooth. Then, you set the vibration and custom light color pattern for the notification that’s important to you. Imagine: You only want to check your phone at dinner if your sitter is texting. You need a subtle 5 minute warning before your meeting with a chatty client is supposed to be over. Or you’re determined to keep your phone away at the playground with the kids, unless your own mother is calling.

Conveniently, the ring box is actually a USB charger which you’ll need to use every two days or so. And don’t worry, it’s a little light on the side that lights up, not the whole ring. No need to wear a Batphone on your finger.

I really love that this can actually give us, especially parents, a great way to keep our phones away more often. While looking chic, of course. Both are important.

Preorder the  Ringly Smart Jewelry now from their site for fall shipping. The rings retail for $195 but can be preordered now for $50 off. The emerald will cost you a little more. And men: There’s something in the works from Ringly for you too. Stay tuned for details.