Ever since my mom got an iPad, she has taken on the texting habits of a teenager. We go back and forth several times a day on iMessage about random questions and updates, but mostly use it to share photos. My sister is also in the mix and our little texting circle is perfect for a new app called BeamIt.

The BeamIt app for iOS takes photo messaging to a new level and gives you a much more visual interface for group or one-on-one texting. If you’re more of a text-texter, then this isn’t the app for you. But for those you like to share pictures, BeamIt provides a neat and clean interface that actually gives it more of a social network-y (is that a word?) feel since you can comment, “like” photos, or share a ton at a time with various groups you create, all without logging into any actual social network. Plus it’s handy that you can remain in the app and select pictures without having to switch back and forth from iMessage to your camera roll which as we all know can get old, fast.


BeamIt photo messaging app for iOS | Cool Mom Tech

I happen to like that you can send the same message to different groups at the same time, all while avoiding the dreaded reply all hazard. And for any time you regret sharing an unsavory photo, BeamIt gives you the option to “unsend,” which not only deletes it from your timeline, but everyone else’s too.

Of course we know you’d never send anything questionable and all the photos are private to those you send to, but it’s nice to have the insurance just in case.

BeamIt photo messaging app for iOS | Cool Mom Tech

I will say that generally, I’m not a fan of apps that require others to download the app as well, so I appreciate that BeamIt can still be used by people who simply want updates via email. Of course, to get the full experience you want everyone using it together. But at least your mom doesn’t feel extorted to download a new app just to see all those baby pictures. Then again, don’t be surprised if she’s already using it.

BeamIt is available for free on iTunes. An Android version is in the works! 

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