With our smartphones able to do so many fun things now,  it can feel like we’re walking around with a party in our purses. Well, AR for Her decided to make that quite literal with this Clutch Bluetooth Speaker. As in, yes, it’s designed as a clutch.

It’s not quite as snazzy as the Stellé Rebecca Minkoff Audio Purse we’ve covered, but then the price is significantly lower too. The tufted purse comes in a black or white quilted Chanel-esque style  – a smart look for stylish teens or your favorite young trendsetter – as well as a pink polka dot pattern that skews a bit younger.

You can even attach a strap so you could actually carry your speaker purse around the dorm party slung over your forearm. Not my style, but, hey, no one would necessarily look at your funny. I mean, it is a purse, right?

AR for Her Clutch Bluetooth Speaker in quilted black on Cool Mom Tech

AR for Her wireless Bluetooth speaker polka dot clutch | Cool Mom Tech

Fun and whimsy and gimmicky adorableness aside, I checked one out for audio quality. The speaker does produce a very decent sound, and having the volume controls on the actual device is a definite plus. Also, the built-in mic makes hands-free phone convos a breeze.

Speak into my handbag, Agent 99.

(Tweens have no idea what I’m talking about, I know.)

To be honest, when I first heard about an audio company making tech products “for her,” I do cringe a little. But  this clutch speaker has the cute factor working in its favor for the right gal. I could totally see the twelve-year-old sleepover party soundtrack rolling right out of it. No one’s getting sleep anyway, so might as well have a dance party in the bag.

The AR for Her Fashion Clutch Bluetooth speaker is available on the company’s web site for $79.99