We’ve covered a lot of audio speakers here over the years, but none have been quite like the exquisite custom built speakers made from vintage luggage by Case of Bass. (Not to be confused with Ace of Base which you may or may not want in your home.)

I mean, whoa. These are the perfect mix of old and new. I love that each piece of luggage has a story to it—maybe it’s traveled to Rome or Amsterdam, maybe it helped a young person move to the big city for the first time. But now each one is getting a new life as a speaker built from vintage parts, with such cool results.


Case of Bass custom made speakers upcycled from vintage luggage

Case of Bass custom made vintage boom box | Cool  Mom Tech

Case of Bass custom built speaker from vintage case

A Case of Bass custom built speaker from vintage train case

Case of Bass mantis vintage custom boom box | Cool Mom Tech

The makers  hand build these sound systems in Portland, Oregon, based on your preferences for input plugs, amp sizes, power supply batteries and even aesthetic considerations. If you want yours to be portable, they’ll add a lithium ion rechargeable battery. Case of Bass is really committed to sustainability, and I like that they seek out the best, classic components to make these speakers. As for quality, they look designed to really boom–think 1980’s Brooklyn sidewalks. Just plug in your  iPod (or Walkman?) and rock out to Sir Mix a Lot.

Some are ready to ship, or you can check out luggage pieces waiting to be upcycled and customized. or even send them your grandma’s vintage attaché for a $40 discount.  Just remember: each piece is one-of-a-kind. If you see one you like, buy it. It might be gone tomorrow.

Then again, maybe it will come back again in 50 years as something we can’t even imagine.

Shop the collection of upcycled vintage luggage speakers at A Case of Base, or contact them about building a custom piece for you. 

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