Update: It seems a future proof charging dock wasn’t future proof after all; now you can check out the Dual Charging Dock for iPhone and Apple Watch if you like the look of DODOCase.¬†


So we’re already fans of DODOCase (the mere mention gets Delilah all giddy about her favorite Kindle case), but we had no idea they were now partnering with Stikwood on such a clever, and beautifully executed new project: A universal charging dock that fits any Android or iOS¬†device, tablet or phone, past, present or future.

They refer to it as “future-proof” meaning it won’t go extinct like most tech accessories do when you upgrade your device. ¬†Get it? Dodo?

The handsome, California-made dock is handcrafted to order from reclaimed local walnut with a leather wrap, and can even be monogrammed. You order it to suit your main device, then just add a kit including the lightning, 30-pin, or micro-USB adapter to suit the other gadgets you have at home.

Universal wooden charging dock by DODOcase | Cool Mom Tech

DODOcase wooden universal charging dock for all devices, in walnut

So yeah, it is cheating a little because the adapter kit is in part what makes it future-proof. But also it has to do with the deep well and the adjustability that allows you to prop in an iPad with its case on, a Galaxy phone in landscape, or a Kobo ereader in its jacket. Maybe even a DODOcase jacket.

Visit the DODOcase website and order the handcrafted Future-Proof Charging Nest. Subscribe to the newsletter for 10% off your purchase.

[h/t design milk]

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