I invested in an air purifier years ago–a big, huge machine that was noisy and ugly, but sure did work to remove the dust and pollen from the air that makes us so sneezy around here. It never made it to our current home, so  I, for one, am pretty excited about the Duux Air Purifier which is so perfect for a baby’s room. And obviously a huge improvement over the recent spate of sneezing in my kids’ bedrooms upstairs.

We’ve reviewed some gorgeous air purifiers for large spaces in the past, but what I love about the Duux is that it is amazing looking but it’s also compact–about the size of a soccer ball.  This makes it a great option for smaller spaces, like a nursery, kid’s bedroom or even a studio apartments or home office. Also, it is absolutely silent. I’ve leaned down next to it a few times to make sure it was still turned on, that’s how quiet it is. And when it’s going in baby’s nursery, I don’t want to use anything that’s going to wake her up at night.


Duux Air Purifier is perfect for a baby or kid's room | Cool Mom Picks

As for the specs that make me happy: Duux has a detachable HEPA filter (and you can buy replacements), so your kids will be breathing in really clean air. The carbon filter helps to mask bad smells which is nice when uh, some of us will be setting ours next to the diaper bin. It also has a tank to send out optional aromas, if you want to add some lavender during bedtime or just a nice fresh scent to mask an otherwise smelly space (see diapers, above) but that might be overkill for you. Then, there’s the ionizer, which helps kill airborne bacteria. So, it’s pretty much a magic wand for your air quality.

Oh, and there’s a nightlight. Because that’s awesome.

You can get a Duux Air Purifier from their website for $75, also available at our affiliate Amazon ($69.99), Diapers.com, and other online retailers. Thanks to Duux for sending us a sample to review.