If you have checked out our recent post on the Kid Lid Keyboard cover (and why we’re all pining for one), then you well know of our foibles of balancing a world of children in a world of technology. So I had to giggle when I came across this I Void Warranties onesie from Hacker Kids and Baby, now on sale. It comes in sizes 0-24 months, which is just long enough to completely destroy any piece of technology you’ve ever loved and cherished.


I Void Warranties onesie - geeky baby gift | Cool Mom Tech

When the kid gets a little older, they also sell the design on raglan tees and other items, as with all Cafe Press shops. But I happen to love the pink the best of the four colors–because technology destruction knows no gender.

Any make for an awesome geeky baby gift. Besides, maybe if you bring your kiddo to the store with you, the merchant will take pity on you and actually exchange the remote control with the drool that jammed the buttons. Worth a shot?

Find the  I Void Warranties onesie at Cafe Press from Hacker Kids and Baby on sale for $18.99

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