When I saw the brilliance that is Kid Lid, I couldn’t help but wish I’d had one of these brilliant laptop keyboard covers when my kids were little. And that I had thought of an idea like this myself. Darn.

Like dad Matt Mogol, founder of Kid Lid, I’d use my computer for work but inevitably, it would end up being a video player for my little ones–especially easier when we were on the road or I just wanted a bigger screen than a tablet.. But then I’d find myself in that annoying state of restarting the video they were watching 400 times because they’d tap on the trackpad or play with  keyboard.

The Kid Lid, which is now a Kickstarter campaign, is an innovative keyboard cover that helps you avoid all that nonsense and give you a bit of sanity back. All while saving your computer from a viably tragic end, at the hands of tiny but very powerful kid fingers.


Kid Lid laptop keyboard protection from toddlers | Cool Mom Tech



Kid Lid laptop keyboard cover: The Protect Board

Kid Lid laptop keyboard cover: Fold-up Board in 3 colors

The Kid Lid protect board (above, top) is a simple BPA-free plastic board with an elastic strap that slips right over your Mac or PC laptop keyboard and stays in place. However I’m particularly intrigued by the Kid Lid fold-up board, which resembles Apple’s iPad covers, allowing you more access to the track pad if you choose. Especially if you are playing short shows or videos and need to get in there more frequently than you would with a full movie. Plus, it looks easier to pop in your laptop bag so you have it on-the-go, which is when our family would use it most.

With only a couple of weeks to go on the Kickstarter campaign, we really hope this one gets funded. So be one of the first folks to get your hands on either of these cool gadgets, all at a very affordable price. Especially considering it’s protecting that valuable laptop. And keeping us from yelling “no!” at your kids more than we already do.

Head over to Kickstarter to preorder the Kid Lid laptop keyboard cover  starting at just a $20 or $25 pledge. They are slated to start shipping October, 2014.

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