What happens when 14 young designers put their heads together to figure out how to promote IKEA’s newest furniture collection? The highly-innovative IKEA PS 2014, that’s what. It’s the first fully-functional, interlinked web site on Instagram. Yes, that Instagram. And you thought that IG was only for over-filtered selfies and dimly-lit food pics.

Russian ad agency Instinct came up with the idea, and it’s pretty darn cool; the Instagram account operates like you regular web site, with 12 image tabs displaying different product categories–benches, textiles, lighting–as you would see in a catalogue. But the websitey-ness comes into play once you select on a category.

For example, I click Tables. A styled image appears with about six different IKEA tables.

ikea ps 2014 on Instagram_Tables category | Cool Mom Tech

Then I follow the simple instructions and tap the picture, to discover each table named and tagged using the app’s tagging feature. Like it were a person.

ikea_ps_2014 on Instagram Table with Tags | Cool Mom Tech


Clicking on  the ps_table tag leads me to that furniture piece’s very own Instagram account with actual followers and everything. Because ps_table is way popular.

There you can also find info about the table, a link to the designer’s own website, and more pics of the table from different angles. There’s even a quick-hit Instagram video.


IKEA's ps_Table on Instagram | Cool Mom Tech

You can get involved too. Share your own cool interior design ideas by snapping a pic of your home decor products from the PS line and tagging them on Instagram. So smart.

Check out the IKEA PS Collection 2014 mobile campaign on Instagram. And while you’re over there, be sure to find CoolMomPicks on Instagram and say hi. We definitely <3 that.

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