Just this week my 5-year-old son busted me for using my iPhone at the breakfast table. It’s a no-no in our house, but I was reading something important. (It was a post ranking the Hot Guys of World Cup. See? Important.) Turns out, this whole incident would have be a non-issue if I had the Kitchen Safe.

It’s basically what it sounds like: a food safe plastic container with a tamper-proof lock that’s hooked up to a timer. You place your temptation item of choice the safe–the kid’s DS, your phone, the remote control–close the lid, set the timer, press the button, and…locked. The timer can be set for a brief minute or for as long as 10 days.

But here’s the catch: Once that clock is set, you cannot open the safe until the timer zeros out.

Oh, and even if the batteries go kaput or — worse — are removed, the container stays locked. So, think again.

On the upside, it’s great for pushover parents who say NO MINECRAFT FOR A WEEK and then give in an hour later.  The downside? Well, besides the fact that you actually lock your devices away to put them down; it’s a clear container, so you can see your iPhone winking at you from the safe, beckoning you with those text messages and Facebook push notifications.

What do you think? Would the Kitchen Safe turned Tech Safe work in your house?

If it’s a tad too extreme, maybe try this brilliant way to manage screen time in your house instead.

The Kitchen Safe can purchased on Give Simple for $49.95.


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