If you are labeling clothes, checking sunscreen off your packing list, and contemplating what to include in care packages, chances are you are getting a kid ready for summer camp. And we’ve got a great song to send them off for their week or two of adventure, campfire songs, and bunkmates.

Camp is a lively tune by CMP favorite Mister G who strums his guitar as he runs through all those fun things we associate with summer camp: roasted marshmallows, arts and crafts, Capture the Flag, and swimming in a pond. Thankfully, he’s left out wedgies, bug bites, and homesickness for our more nervous kids. And with his chorus of happy kids singing in the background, it’s a great song to play as you pull up to their new home away from home.

Download a copy of Camp by Mister G from his new album The Bossy E from our affiliate Amazon.

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