We’ve written here in the past how easy Mosaic custom photo books from Mixbook are to create. It truly takes just a few minutes, and you have the photo book in your hands within a couple of days. Pretty amazing. The only downside with their Mosaic books has been the fact that they are limited to 20 photos. How do I choose? Now I don’t have to. Their new Montage custom photo books allow you to choose up to 200 photos. And it’s still crazy fast and easy.

I’ve made a lot of photo books in my day, and I’m really picky about how my photos are organized. One of my biggest pet peeves is when you choose to autofill your book with pictures, and you’ve got Thanksgiving photos that end up on the same page as summer camp photos, or images from the same event are spread all throughout the book.

Montage doesn’t do that; your photos autofill the book by date, so everything is together where its supposed to be.

The adorable group of three selfies my four-year-old took with me were all laid out together on the same spread. The Christmas pictures were together and the beach pictures were together. Just the way you want them to be.

Plus, like traditional photo books, each page is totally customizable, with up to 13 layout themes, editable text, and of course, if you don’t like the way they’ve arranged your pictures you can move them around. (Hey, maybe you like seeing your Christmas tree next to your summer camp pics.) In other words, you can skip the autofill if you have a knack for scrapbooking.

Mixbook custom photobooks can autofill your photos or let you customize them

Mixbook Mosaic custom photo books with an easy autofill option

As for the book itself, it’s gorgeous–one of the reason Mosaic books are so popular in the first place. It arrives in a lovely white box, which makes it great for gifts. The cover is made with luxurious eco-friendly Italian leather, and the custom end pages are a lovely black-and-white collage of all your photos.  To be honest, I’m not crazy about the paper the photos are printed on, which is a very thick card stock, and not the traditional paper I tend to like, but that’s a matter of preference. Overall though, this book feels very high end, but prices start at just $39.

Just $39, you guys! Whoa.

Order a small (6″ square), medium (8.5″ square), or large (12″ square) Montage custom photo book today, and prepare to be seriously impressed when it arrives by this weekend.