Another case of style meeting substance: ONA Bags, the makers of ever-cool camera bags and accessories, has partnered with non-profit charity: water to create a new ONA camera strap called Sahel.

The leather strap is of course stylish, with a canvas patch encouraging you to do what photogs do: Tell Stories. (Even if the type kind of looks like “Yell” Stories. Not that that’s so terrible.) What a smart concept for the collaboration.

$30 from the sale of each Sahel strap helps support charity: water in raising awareness and more funds to get clean, safe drinking water to people around the world who need it most. So you’ll look good with your new, fly camera strap while feeling good about joining the mission. Feels like a win-win situation, right?

The Sahel camera strap is available in the charity: water online store for $99.

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