I do not play Candy Crush. Hear that, Facebook friends who keep sending me invites? Not going to happen. But that doesn’t mean I’m against playing games on smartphones. In fact, just last week I was playing something fun on my husband’s iPhone 5. Literally playing it on his phone, thanks to PureGear’s fun Retro Game Smartphone Case.

It was a classic case (heh) of old world colliding with the new as I played with the green case called “Groovy.”  It’s that game you might remember from way back in the day where you tilt and maneuver the tiny silver balls to get them all into the center at the same time. Other cases offer similar marble games, with names like “Amazing” and “Undecided.”

(What, no “Tubular?” No “Bees Knees?” These are supposed to be retro!)


Marble game iPhone and Galaxy cases by Retro Cases on coolmomtech.com

The cases themselves are bright, fun and sturdy without being bulky. It’s a cute, little distraction for your tween or teen on the bus ride home from school, or in the back of the car on a road trip, especially when screens need to be off. Or use it yourself while waiting in the carpool line. Let’s call it harmless, old-school fun. No invitation necessary.

The three Retro Game Smartphone Cases are compatible with iPhone 5/5s/5c, Samsung Galaxy  S4, and Galaxy S5. They are available on PureGear for $29.99.