My kids love remote-control vehicles, toys they can build themselves, and playing on my smartphone, so I know they’d go bananas for SmartWood, a new set of smartphone controlled toys which combine all three of their favorite things into one. But before any of that happens, we’re hoping that their Kickstarter campaign helps get this project up and running.

What makes the trio of SmartWood vehicles look so cool is the lightweight wooden construction that reminds me a bit of those balsa-wood building kits that we put together as kids, albeit a lot better looking. Precision laser cutting technologies (ooh) lends the vehicles details like decorative cut-outs, or little mirrors extending from the side of the truck. And while the finished product looks pretty serious, construction looks completely doable for older kids. Or even for younger kids plus a parent.

Smartwood smartphone controlled toy vehicles kids build themselves |

Once constructed, that’s where things get interesting,  as SmartWood uses your Android or iOS device to power either the Dragster, the Crawler, or the Truck. It depends on whether your kids have a need for speed, a hankering for tackling backyard obstacle courses, or a desire to tow things around the backyard. Or maybe just over the laundry piles I have stacked on the living room floor.

Check out the sweet deals SmartWood is having on its Kickstarter campaign for Early Bird supporters. You can preorder a vehicle starting at just $59, or all three for $200. The campaign will end on Sunday, August 10.