I’m a planner: I like knowing what I want to get done, and when I’m going to do it. But I’m also a sucker for dreamy design, so it’s no surprise that I’m smitten with The Timeline Project, a new way for women to visualize your future.

Developed by Bayer Health Care, The Timeline Project helps you generate goals, set a timeframe to achieve them, and document your plan in a pretty timeline that’s all perfectly designed for sharing on social media. For each goal, you can choose from six life categories, like lifestyle or health or civil engagement, and then identify specific goals like Coach a Youth Team or Become a Vegetarian or Adopt a Pet.

The Timeline Project | Cool Mom Tech

Decide by what age you want to achieve that goal, pick a pretty backdrop, and move on to the next goal. You can choose up to five goals for your timeline, and for each goal, The Timeline Project offers links to relevant articles curated from around the web. (So maybe I’ll actually start meditating instead of just thinking about doing it.)

There’s also an interactive component so you can explore other people’s timelines and sort by age–especially helpful since my goals are probably not like the same as an 18-year-old’s. Then again, maybe they are?

The Timeline Project: A website to help you set goals and achieve them

Now I do wish that the goals were more customizable. For example, one of the health goals is Run a Marathon, but the one I’m looking for is Finish an Ironman. The Timeline Project allows you to make suggestions, but there’s no guarantee that your super specific goal will make it to the next update. I also wish that I could choose more than five goals–hey, I’m ambitious!– but I realize The Timeline Project is less about making a huge bucket list and more about inspiring us to dream big then take action.

Like my big goal of going on an adventure by the time I’m 50; maybe I’ll be headed to Mount Everest, or maybe I’ll be taking my firstborn to college. That’s an adventure either way, right?

Create your own timeline on The Timeline Project and share it via Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest. We’re betting there will be a lot of timelines on Pinterest very soon. The project is sponsored by Bayer Health Care, who is using it to loosely promote birth control options and family planning. Thus…timeline. 

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