While looking around for cool printable lunch box notes for our back to school guide, I stumbled across these wildly awesome optical illusion flash cards at Mr. Printables. As a kid, I couldn’t get enough of optical illusions and now my own girls feel the same way so I know they’d just love them.

Use them as actual flash cards, or for fun, tuck them into your child’s lunch box and you can follow up with a lesson on impossible shapes, paradox illusions, MC Escher, and peripheral drift patterns. Probably taught by your child.


Free printable optical illusions lunch box notes by Mr. Printables

Optical illusion free printable lunchbox notes from Mr Printables

Free optical illusion printable lunch box notes for back to school at Mr. Printables

Of course, scribble a thoughtful little note on the back to personalize it. Maybe something like, how you really hope your child is drinking enough H2O at lunch and that just because it’s in a tall skinny glass doesn’t mean it’s more water than if it’s in a short, fat glass.

Find the free printable optical illusion flash cards at Mr. Printable