Other than the daily sunscreen application my children must endure, they would probably say their least-favorite thing about summer are all the bugs that fly, crawl, buzz, and bite on a summer’s day or night. Since I’m getting a bit weary of hearing BUG! every time we step outside, I’m hoping they’ll find their zen with a mellow electronic-pop tune from Grammy nominees and Cool Mom Picks favorites, The Pop Ups.

Bug Out sings of a child who learns to move from head to toe, so there’s no where for bugs to go in an attempt to keep bugs from landing on a body part. It may sound like a lame preschool instructional song but you’ll find no such thing, ever, with the Pop Ups. In fact, I especially like the cool ambient sounds interspersed between an upbeat chorus that not only sounds great, it could have your kids practicing their “keep the bugs off dance” in the backyard.

You may want to get the video camera for that.

Download a free copy of The Pop Ups’ Bug Out offered exclusively to Cool Mom Tech readers before the release of their new album Appetite for Construction which will be available at iTunes and our affiliate Amazon on  August 19th.

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