While we’ve seen¬†apps to itemize and inventory your belongings,¬†here’s a first: The MakeSpace service is blending digital cataloging of your precious stuff¬†with actual real-life storage. It’s been taking NYC by storm, and I imagine it will be spreading soon–although certainly those of us in New York have more storage issues than most.

The way it works is that they drop off sturdy¬†green, interlocking bins. You fill it, they store it in a very secure warehouse space. Then¬†what’s super cool is that they create a complete list of every item you’ve stored in an app, so you know exactly what you have and where. That totally beats my “scribble a partial list on a box with a Sharpie and hope I remember the rest¬†three years later” method which uh, hasn’t worked so well for me.


MakeSpace website keeps a digital inventory of your storage

For those of you¬†short on space, it’s a genius way to store those baby items you might be needing again some day; seasonal clothes or items like skis or bicycles or a big A/C unit (yes, they take big stuff too); fragile¬†things you don’t want your toddler to break just yet; or items¬†you want to keep but don’t need cluttering up your limited closet space.

It’s also a smart idea¬†if you’re trying to sell a place, which is what our friend Ashley Albert of kids’ band The Jimmies did; get all the knick-knacks out of your place for a few months to make it more appealing to buyers.

MakeSpace storage bin | coolmomtech.com

If you have a lot of stuff, the truth is¬†it’s less expensive to rent a storage locker like a lot of Manhattanites do. With¬†MakeSpace you¬†pay $25 a month for three bins, with $6.25 for each extra. As for bigger items, a¬†bike is $25 a month, while a set of golf clubs or an air conditioning unit is $13.50. So¬†for stuff you want to store for a while–or things you would probably swap out seasonally, it’s a very cool concept.

Plus¬†you’re really paying a premium for not having to schlep¬†to dark, creepy storage facilities¬†each January¬†when you need to stash the¬†Christmas ornaments¬†again. Or, schlep them back–for $29 you just use the power of the web site (iOS and Android apps coming soon)¬†to tell MakeSpace¬†which bin you want and they’ll bring it right back to you.

Hey, I’m all for less schlepping.

If you’re in the NYC area, check out the¬†MakeSpace¬†website for digital inventory and actual storage of your stuff. And keep an eye out; I imagine it will hit some other cities soon.¬†



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