Junior high was the only time I used my school-appointed locker and half the time I could never even remember my padlock combination to get to my Trapper Keeper and magnetic mirror. Oh right, and my textbooks. If I only I had a digital padlock like the Master Lock 1500eDBX back in the day.

Instead of having to wrack your brain for what combo of your birthday, address and phone number you created as the unlock code, the super high tech lock features a digital code that simply requires a series of directions. Up, left, up, right, down, up, click! If arrows aren’t your thing, you can also set your own password using the letters, numbers, or a combination of all three.

Master Lock Vault app for storing your digital padlock code (and other passwords) | Cool Mom Tech

Once you pick your combination, you can input your combo into Masterlockvault.com, a password repository online, or use the Master Lock app for iOS or Android, which is perfect for when your kid is standing at his locker and need an instant refresher. (You can also store other passcodes in there so it’s a nice central repository for everything else that you have a hard time remembering.)

Now even though the lock is customizable for up to four users with each person creating their own code, I’m guessing once the kids get a hold of this, they’ll hoard it for themselves, though it’s obviously not just for kids. It’s great for gym lockers, laptop bags, liquor cabinets (hey now!) and well anywhere a padlock can be used. Plus, the replaceable battery lasts for five years. Way longer than the life of my Miami Vice Trapper Keeper. Ah, memories.

The 1500eDBX sells for $39.98 and is available through the retailers listed on the Master Lock website. The Master Lock Vault app is free for iOS or Android

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