We’re always looking for even more new ideas on what to do with Instagram photos that will get them off of our tiny screens and into our big, real lives. Sticky9 just introduced one cool way with Magnet Wall Frames. It’s just like it sounds: a sleek hanging frame that shows off your pick of nine square Instagram photo magnets.

It’s a good-looking black frame set around a unique idea. My only complaint is that trying to get each of the square photo magnets lined up properly in the small windows can be a little frustrating. But once they’re in, they look great. Plus you can switch up the magnets’ positions in the frame from time to time, to keep things fresh. Like as your kids age, or your photo skills get better.

Ah, if only you could switch your photo order in real Instagram, right?

Sticky9 Instagram photo magnets wall art | coolmomtech.com

One thing to note before ordering this frame: Shipping costs. Sticky9, formerly StickyGram, is a London-based company that turns Instagram pics into fun photo gifts. They ship worldwide, but getting your delivery stateside means typically waiting about 10 business days and shelling out $18. Pretty spendy. Then again, it is traveling across The Pond — not a cheap trip.

The Magnet Wall Frame is available from Stick9 for $75.99.