Is there anything more royally British than marshmallows? Yeah…no. Those two things have never existed in the same sentence together that I know of. Until now. Enter Boomf Magic Mallows. The delicious start-up out of the UK that allows you to print your Instagram pics onto square marshmallows.

Interestingly, the mind behind Boomf is James Middleton. That Middleton. He’s the brother of Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge. And he’s busy putting photos on marshmallows. Kind of hilariously cool right?


Boomf marshmallows printed with your Instagram photos

(all photos via @Boomf on Instagram)

The company’s name is actual a case of onomatopoeia. According to the web site, Boomf is the sound of “mallows landing on your doormat” which of course happens to me every day. (It’s also the sound I made after my third time trying to type out the word onomato — argh.) 

Set-up is a breeze. Just connect from the site to Instagram or you can upload photos from Facebook or your desktop as well. The site’s FAQ says that shipping to the States takes two to three weeks. But don’t worry about your billowy, jumbo sugar pillows making like rocks on you. They’re supposed to stay fresh for six months in their packaging, but only three to five days once opened so don’t do that until you’re ready to dig in.

Boomf Marshmallows printed with your favorite Instagram photos

They’re pricey, yes, so I don’t know that we’ll be making s’mores with them any time soon. But it’s a unique sweet treat for when a splurge-y gift moment pops up for a baby shower, anniversary, or simply the person who has everything. Maybe a holiday gift for your teacher from the class? Photos of the kids’ artwork for the grandparents?  Boomf Marshmallows definitely make a cool, special gift for a fun photographer, Instagram addict or marshmallow connoisseur. Sometimes in life, you’ll even have all three of those things in one person.

Boomf Magic Mallows are available on the company’s web site. A box of nine costs approximately $26 (converted from the British Pound) and worldwide shipping is free.