More and more classrooms are going digital with volunteer signups these days, which means room parents get to avoid the hassle of collecting rounds of paperwork from all the students in their class. Not to mention the environmental impact of saving all that paper. I’m a big fan of going digital. And now there’s a new online option for donating to my kids’ classroom funds online, which is making this room mom really happy.

Using, parents can make those generous donations online, and all purchases are tracked for accountability between teacher and parents. Fantastic.

Class Wallet helps room parents track classroom donations easily

Class Wallet lets you track and manage classroom donations online
I’m not a numbers person, so I love how easy Class Wallet makes it to keep track of class donations  Once teachers set up a page on the website, parents–or other classroom sponsors like local businesses or grants funds–can donate to the general classroom page or to specific projects the teacher sets up. Parents can log in and give, seeing how much has been raised and what’s still needed.

Most importantly to me: ClassWallet charges no fees. So if a parent gives $100, the project gets $100.

When the teacher is ready to spend some of the donated money, she or he can shop directly through the site’s marketplace. In fact, that’s the one catch. It’s important to note that this is the only way to spend the money in the fund—you can’t just draw it out as cash and use it at a local shop, for example. However, the marketplace does include stores your teacher would likely shop at anyway, like Office Depot, Best Buy and Scholastic, all with standard shipping rates.

The funds tracking page provides total transparency for everyone on how the money is being used. This makes it a great tool to be sure your donations are being used the right way–but also an opportunity for certain parents (ahem) to try and micro-manage their kids’ teachers. Don’t do that.

Log on to Class Wallet for easy classroom fundraising and organization this year.