I’ve seen these game controller chocolates at all the fancy chocolate shops in my ‘hood, so how cool is it thatĀ you can save yourself a fortune and make your own thanks to our pals atĀ Think Geek.

This game controller chocolateĀ mold features three different designs in sets of two that you can fill with melted chocolate, cake batter, or even water to make some funky (and gigantic) ice cubes for your next party.

Game controller chocolate mold from Think Geek on Cool Mom Tech


And considering how much I’ve seen actual Nintendo-controller shaped solid chocolate sellingĀ for at boutiques, well, even if you only use the $9.99 mold once, you’ll be saving yourself a whole lot of cash. Whether you’re making cool party favors, Ā fun holiday gifts for the geeky video game lover in your life, or just you know. Eating them.

You can purchase the classic game controller chocolate mold at Think Geek. Cool Mom Tech is a reward style affiliate.Ā 


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